class in UltimateIsometricToolkit.Scripts.Pathfinding / Inherits from MonoBehaviour


node based 3d Grid graph implementation.

A node is defined as a Gap. An empty space at a given (x,z) integer position and a float startHeight and endHeight. The entire Gridgraph therefore represents an approximation of the inverse of all IsoTransform volumes combined.




Type Name Description
bool ShowGraph Flag to show the graph in scene view with red gizmos
float Speed Movement speed in units per second
List<IsoTransform> Ignorables Objects to be ignored when constructing the graph


  • if the ShowGraph flag is set true but the scene view is empty the graph has not been constructed yet
  • The graph will automatically be reconstructed on Start()
  • Ignorables should contain moving objects,all AstarAgents, tiny objects, etc.
  • Moving objects will not invoke reconstructing the graph

Public functions#

Gap ClosestNode(Vector3 position)#

Returns the closes Gap to a given position in 3d isometric space

List<Gap> NodesInBounds(Vector3 min, Vector3 max)#

Returns all Gaps in the Volume (min,max)

Vector2 NodePosToGridPos(Vector3 nodePos)#

The GridGraph rasterizes the xz plane into 1x1 units. This function returns the Grid position to a position in 3d space (by flooring the x,z values)

void UpdateGraph()#

Reconstructs the Graph


Depending on the number of IsoTransforms in your scene this function may be very resource intensive and invoking it should be avoided as much as possible.